Knockin' On Heaven's Door: A True Story of Courage and Sacrifice
                Don Busi - Author                                                                                          

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About the Author

Author Don Busi

Don spent more than 2 years researching World War II and has conducted several hundred hours of interviews with his father and other veterans. In 2005 Don traveled to Europe with his father to retrace the steps of this heroic soldier's incredible journey. Don toured several of the great battlefields including the beaches of Normandy and the site of the Northern Shoulder of the Battle of the Bulge. The experience was so moving that he was inspired to write "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in education from Central Connecticut State University in 1975 and shortly afterwards, at age 23 found himself on his own deathbed. Suffering from a devastating illness and emergency surgery, he fought for his life as his father did some thirty years earlier.

Don has spent more that twenty years educating physicians, nurses and other health care professionals on the use of medical instrumentation and devices. His seminars included groups of up to two hundred health care providers.

His passion lies with the "Greatest Generation" and making sure future generations never forget the terrible loss suffered along with the sacrifices they made so all of us may be free.

"They are all so humble and downplay what they did...but they SAVED THE WORLD and someone needs to make sure we never forget. I will proudly be that voice!"

Don lives with his wife in The Villages, Florida and is working on his second book.

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