Knockin' On Heaven's Door: A True Story of Courage and Sacrifice
                Don Busi - Author                                                                                          

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Reviews and Testimonials

Below are some book reviews and testimonials from people who have enjoyed "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

Midwest Book Review:
  "A must for anyone who loves the people stories in World War II."

National Indie Excellence Awards: Award-winner in the historical non-fiction category - 2009.

Books and Authors.Net: Best book award, non-fiction historical category.2009.

Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 12:38 AM
Subject: Your Interview with Peter Anthony Holder


It’s past 2:15 a.m. here in Montreal and I just heard your radio interview with Peter Anthony Holder. (I turned the radio on to fall asleep and instead listened to your interview so intently that I’m now wide awake!).

  I simply wanted to write you a brief note to commend you for writing this book and to thank your dad for his great contribution to the world.

 I usually avoid books and movies that deal with wars, because I find them so terribly upsetting and the images stay with me forever, it seems. However, after listening to your interview, I feel compelled to read your book, so I’ll get a copy and do just that – I feel it’s the very least I could do to honor your father’s sacrifice. I will also recommend it to friends and family.

  By the way, I strongly agree that schools are doing a poor job of educating young people about history. Have you considered somehow getting your book into schools as recommended reading? Kids could read the book and then perhaps meet the hero – I’ll bet that would produce some amazing results… and on so many levels! I have a 16-year-old nephew and I know he would be all ears… and eyes!

Thank you, again!
Franca :)
Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2009 1:52 PM
Subject: Many Thanks

Dear Don,

Thank you so much for the signed copy of your book.  (Deleted) & I read in awe of the heroism your father along with so many others displayed for our country and for the world.  It moved me to tears when I read the ending of how the people showed your father their gratitude.  This book is a Purple Heart to everyone who bravely sacrifices their lives for our United Sates of America.  I will be sharing this book with my father (his service was in Germany during the occupation after your father's victory, dad will truly appreciate it).  My mother's father was a Seabee during WWII (I have a pin he wore), he told me lots of stories before he passed away in 1996.  I wish I had the wisdom then to record those pieces of history.

Our children have to know what patriotism is and how without it they would not enjoy the life they have today.  I would like to recommend to the principal of (deleted) County High School, that he contact you about a speaking engagement for the student body and their parents.  Now is a critical time for our nation to be bound together by strong roots.  Strong roots come from a strong heritage that is not forgotten, passed over, or looked upon as an act of unnecessary violence.

Peace is great and loss of life is horrific, but there comes a time when one cannot exist without the other.  Damn Good Book.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sent: Friday, November 21, 2009 10:07 AM
To: Don Busi
Subject: RE: Thanks - Vets Day Book Signing


Anyway, the residents are raving about your presentation and they are
enjoying the book (so am I by the way).  It was a success!

Thanks for making us a part of your journey as an author.

March 22, 2009

Mr. Don Busi  Author

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door: A True Story of Courage & Sacrifice

Dear Don,

Thank you for being a guest on Holder Tonight.  It was a pleasure to have you on the program to talk about your WWII and to share some of the insight from your book, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door: A True Story of Courage & Sacrifice.

            It was also most interesting to hear about the pilgrimage that you took with your Dad back to the areas he helped to liberate as a member of the armed forces.  It’s a story that I’m sure many in our audience appreciate and understand.  It was a most memorable segment of our show.

As promised I am going to get a copy of the interview to you via the Internet.  You will find your appearance available to you as an MP3.  It’s in a secure location on my website, accessible only by you.  All you have to do is go to the URL listed on your cover email and download it to your own computer.  Then you can do with it whatever you wish, such as edit it for clips for your own website or just keep it for your files. 

The interview will only be on my site for a short period of time.  I would appreciate it if you could send me an email letting me know you have it, so I can then take it down. 

Continued successes with all you do and thank you once again for all your time and trouble.

 Respectfully yours,

Peter Anthony Holder
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